UFC Performance Institute

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Paramount orchestrated the design, construction, and installation of an exhibit and signage package for the grand opening of the new UFC Performance Institute in Las Vegas. The journey through the facility unfolds with Paramount’s touch, evident from the custom-built “Inspiration Wall” in the lobby.


The Performance Optimization floor boasts Paramount’s creative flair, evident in custom graphics on stairs and walls, 3D Hall of Fame pieces, and Impact Wall Graphics on the indoor turf track. Media Rooms now feature impactful visuals, including custom acrylic standoff graphics. Paramount’s directional signage guides visitors cohesively through the institute.


In Las Vegas, Paramount’s influence shapes the UFC Performance Institute’s ambiance, fusing functionality with artistry. From the grand lobby to the Performance Optimization floor, their work resonates, narrating a seamless story throughout the space.

Designed, Constructed & Installed
Guides Visitors Through The Institute
Narrates a Seamless Story
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