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Paramount played a pivotal role in the extensive modernization of FirstEnergy Stadium. Given a tight two-month timeframe before the season’s home opener, Paramount orchestrated print production, design, engineering, construction, and installation with multiple dedicated teams.


The process commenced with Paramount’s engineering team crafting structural drawings for widespread concourse signage. Once the scope crystallized, fabrication commenced, spanning concourse graphics, off-field and in-field way-finding signage, and entrance/concourse store channel letters.


Amid this transformation, FirstEnergy Stadium’s façade was adorned with eight customized banner frames, seamlessly integrated into the existing steel structure. This addition created a captivating first impression, welcoming visitors in style. Paramount’s meticulous coordination ensured the successful realization of FirstEnergy Stadium’s ambitious modernization, a testament to expertise and precision.

Modernized Stadium in 60 Days
Crafted Structural Drawings
Fabrication Included Graphics
Way-Finding, and Channel Letters
Eight Custom Banner Frames
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