East Carolina University

East Caroline Pirates Logo


Over the course of several years, Paramount has formed a steadfast partnership with East Carolina University, orchestrating a sweeping modernization of their athletic facilities, spanning locker rooms, meeting spaces, and in-venue branding. This successful collaboration naturally extended when ECU embarked on expanding their football stadium, with Paramount being the go-to choice for branding their new facility.


In this venture, Paramount executed a comprehensive approach, conceiving, manufacturing, and installing a range of interior and exterior elements. These include signage, displays, and wayfinding solutions thoughtfully integrated throughout the facility to illuminate the rich legacy and vibrant Pirate brand. Paramount’s touch infuses the new football stadium expansion with a seamless blend of modern aesthetics and historical resonance, underscoring their prowess in elevating athletic spaces with immersive branding experiences.

Partnership Spans Years
Locker Rooms, Branding & More
Interior & Exterior Elements
Signage, Displays & Wayfinding
Modern Aesthetic, Historical Feel
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