Building Wraps
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As you can imagine, wrapping an entire building is a project on the grandest of scales… and one that is a particular specialty of the Paramount team. These projects require an exceptional amount of logistical planning, equipment, and manpower to complete and very few companies have the experience to pull it off. At Paramount we employ a full team of installers who carry numerous certifications including rope access, OSHA, rigging, and SWAC. Add to this a dedicated team of project managers and permit specialists who are familiar with unique zoning and permitting requirements in markets across the country. In addition to installations using traditional reach methods – erected scaffolding, swing stages, cranes, aerial lifts, etc. – we also employ a full team of rope access technicians who can install your complete project using vertical rope descent techniques in areas other companies would consider inaccessible. All these building wrap capabilities are in-house, and another way that Paramount & Co. sets itself apart from the competition.